Warm Grey Storm (Signpost Series, 2017)

Delamore Series (2017)

Imagine PEace (2017)

Deconstructing The Spectacle of War (2016)

This body of work explores the dark time and space occupied by painting and technology. These small, materials and process led abstract oil paintings traverse the boundaries between the human, the analogue and the digital, inviting the viewer to come close to question the calm. This work probes the question as to how, following the Eleventh of September 2001, it is possible for artists to respond to conflict without producing a further spectacle of war. As well as drawing on influences from Gerhard Richter, Robert Ryman and Mark Rothko, these paintings have been informed by research visits to London’s Imperial War museum, the Jewish museum and monuments in Berlin, the artist’s experiences of New York and key critical, cultural and theoretical debates around the changing nature of contemporary war, art and spectacle.

This series was continued in print. Click to view.